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Ready to start? Here's what to expect


There's a common misconception that counselling is about "telling our stories all over again to someone new" and I'd like to clarify that. "Telling your story" is as necessary as you'd like it to be! There is no need to go right back to the beginning of time talking about your parents and childhood, and outlining every single thing that has happened to you - unless you'd like to do that. 

I like to start right here with what's happening for you now, whether you are unhappy, anxious, stressed or feeling down and as pieces unfold, together we will gain more insights into what from the past is relevant and how it can be transformed into something useful so you can move forward with it in a way that brings you peace.


Whatever you are looking for...

Together in counselling, we will go as fast or as slow as you'd like. There is no pressure to say anything you don't want to. Whether you want to tell your story or not, can be likened to looking directly at the sun - it's intense and can be painful! There are many many other ways to know that the sun is there without looking directly at it and I have many tools to work with what we do see. I will be here to work together with you each step wherever we start.

Whether you are looking for counselling here in Nelson BC, or coming from further abroad and wish to work online, I have professional experience and a non-judgemental accepting approach to walk alongside you. 


+1 250-777-8748


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